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M.I.A indeed

It seems that i have neglected this blog since November 2009 and its now May 2010. Well i sincerely apologise to all i had intended to step away from the blog kind of thing to be honest but given i am considering creating a blog via wordpress for my ancestry genealogy finds of which have got interesting to say least i may have to post a link to that when i set it up over the summer.

So what have i been upto in the time i have been absence well in short studying at a local college an Access to HE diploma in the Business and IT pathway to prepare me for University in September 2010.

The Access course has been fine in part except for a few minor things that have either got under my skin or literally under my skin, this year the 2009/10 year is the first time the return of Pass, Merit and Distinction grades have been applied and the college i am at is still having teething problems with the whole system of this .... i havent had a single tutorial in all the time i have been at the college and i have had the following subjects to take:

Media - Modules taken: Development, Genre and Ideology, Representations in the Media and Media Industry

IT - Modules taken: Advanced uses of Spreadsheets (dont even GO THERE, spreadsheets i hate with an unpresidented passion) and Advanced uses of Databases

Business - Organisations and Marketing with a presentation done in Marketing which i personally kicked arse in by presenting two cars for a "Vauxhall Dealership scenerio"

as well as Open Forum which is basically an hour and half sessions each week with a variety of topics to write in 240 words only a report on and take notes on, topics covered were Feminism, Globalisation, The Prison System, Harold Pinter, The Just War Theory (with a rather young and cute Oxford historian as the speaker), Hidden Persuaders, Charles Darwin and Evolution, Manufacturing, Racism & Extermism (video was about the Romanies living in Czech Republic), Summerhill Schools v's Normal Schools and a few more that i cant for life of me remember titles of ......

Study Skills learning about how to write essays, work as a team, do a *supposed group, but turned into a single handed one but allowing a mate to join so they get the credits as original group presentation on infections in hospitals turned into not done and a farce* presentation on Poland which i was really pleased about except my audio of the alphabet didnt work :( and a long study dissertation style piece of work of 3000words on "People have been segregrated and labelled since the implementation of the Criminal Justice's Act 1994"

On top of that 8 exams with 4 coming up between 19th and 21st May ...... then a three month break from studying but hopefully in employment to gain some funds for University can commence if i find something out there even if its warehouse work.

at the end of it i should have a Diploma in HE Business and IT she says ........

Some of you that may follow me on Twitter or on Facebook will know that i am going University i already have a place and have booked my accommadation and yes call me mad i am going into Halls of Residence at my age that is more daunting than moving abroad saying that i am not that old really only 31 but still daunting none the less .. is it the right thing to do when you've lived on your own primarily for so long is it a bad thing that you wont like the people, place or your own space though in essence you get this in your own room ........

Genealogy update will follow ...............





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