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Okay so i havent practised in quite esp with my Polish a while but my attempts arent too bad considering ... Polish i have decided i will pay a tidy sum to LMU up the road for the benefit of 26 weeks of learning (this might i add is alongside doing my Access to HE Humantites course and working part-time) but i decided i would crack on with using a site called www.livemocha.com which i have been using since April this year on and off and was recommended by a friend of mine heidifj

I hadnt realised livemocha had rolled out the speaking and written exercises of units i had completed in Polish so i have been setting out to re do these exercises again, plus the same with the other two languages i am concentrating on out the ones i wish to learning notably Dutch and Estonian especially given that i havent really actually concentrated on speaking the languages fully, although i knew how to say most words in Polish i never really had any confidence to hold a full conversation let alone speak anything without fear of thinking im saying it all wrong i guess thats why livemocha is a good site no one seems to pick faults just offers some good advice and pointers along the way to you to assist your learning.

some links to my speaking if anyone here on LJ wishes to comment or/and offer some valuable advice seeing how im largely doing this by myself at the minute

Polish speaking exercises - both are for describing people



Estonian speaking exercises



Dutch speaking exercise


Other languages i am interested in learning are Icelandic, German, Czech, Russian at some later stage when i have mastered these three i am concentrating on at present :)

I am still working on my written aspect in all these languages i am learning (Polish, Estonian and Dutch) so i can improve overall :)

like with everything its a work in progress kinda of thing ... hope no one minds that i share i know i am not a brilliant blogger or anything i just add things here and there in a hope that maybe someone out there reads and benefits even if its me lol

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