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The album was released finally today here is link to it ... theecheloneffect.bandcamp.com/

I feature on Track 10 the title track of the album

Hope you all enjoy :)

The Recipe is found here - http://jonsiandalex.com/media/recipebook/

Enjoy people some creativity from two very creative males living in Iceland  :)

Riceboy Sleeps the album of Jonsi and Alex is out now to buy :)

Home Contents Insurance

Here is one for you all to try a work out ..

My home contents insurance is via my bank Lloyds Tsb and for my soon to be vacated property i have been renting my insurance was £247.43 a year ( a month works out at £20.61) this was for a 2 bedroomed terraced house none alarmed in a non neighbourhood watch area the house itself pretty much in my eyes an easy target for burglars .. single glazed windows and one of the front windows has a crack in it sealed with sellotap by previous tenants (the landlord cant be arsed to do any repair work), the back door is a wooden one that appears to be splitting and one of the windows in the four glass panels has been replaced with a bit of plastic  that has a big gap in it .....
Anyways i am moving to a first floor flat in a neighbourhood watch area .. the flat has a secure main building entry system ie you have to buzz up to gain entry, then you go up a flight of stairs and you are met with another door you need to have a key for to open and then my flat has 2 keys to gain entry despite this my insurance has gone UP (GO FIGURE) it is now £300.23 a year and works out at £31.16 a month
Now you probably think why moan its not a big increase .. thats not the point how can a more secure property cost more to insure than a less than secure property increase your insurance ....

answers on a postcard to the usual address ....

Dreams and unlocking them

Ok its going to be a short one but i hope someone out there in the far reaches on LJ land might be able to shed some light on some keys things i remember from two recent but different dreams i have had ...Not sure if you'd want any background information or stuff like that so get in touch if you do, if it helps i have had a male, late 20s, Polish, on my mind and i have been thinking about him a lot and wondering how he is doing and that, havent spoken to him in messages on net since December last year, a lovely lad down to earth fun character pick anyone up when they are down is my take on him. He does tend to linger on my mind as i drift to sleep and usually his smiley face is clear to visualise.

Anyways the dreams i have had and this are just the key points i recall not too much in way of detail i am afraid ... but

dream one - its raining (no surprise) - something about tiny islands, the next thing i know im at a ticket booth a female early 20s behind tells me the coach can drop me off at the university but i say im not wanting to go to the university i can walk im purchasing a ticket London to Leeds, upon purchasing ticket i make my way back to waiting area and notice a silver key on the floor its a typical yale style key the floor is marbled and the key is on its own and i pick it up. I sit next to a female early 20s i would say with my bags.

dream two - a field grass colour is prominent, but on this field is several black balls similar to bowling balls but they have number 8 on them (i know you are probably thinking magic ball i did too when i woke up and thought about it), one of these balls is located near a metal chain linked fence and i go to this ball and go to pick it up but i dont i keep walking on. I then find myself sat on a toilet but the toilet has a curtain for a door and im consciencely aware of the fact i can see people 2 males  whose faces i cant see i try to turn in so i am not exposed in any way there is a female mid-late 40s i would say cleaning around me and she has a conversation with me (i cant recall what she was saying sorry)

Sorry its a bit vague but if anyone could shed a little light on what could mean i would be grateful


uploaded a few new photos (landscapes and art) if you want to take a look .. Mary Poppins appears totally out the blue in one of the snaps :)


Writer's Block: Multilingual

How many languages do you speak?

Native English speaker, but i speak some Polish but i am not overly confident in it and have been self-teaching myself this language past 2-3 years now. Im a beginner learner in the languages of Dutch, German, Icelandic and Estonian. So i am looking for natives in these languages to help with my speaking side to be honest :)

My 1st video created

This entry is going to be in English and Polish ♥ ... given i have spent some time self teaching myself Polish, which is no easy thing to do really - the Polish entry of this blog is in its un-proof read for mistakes format (so any Polish people browsing feel free to give me guidance or offer help as this would be appreciated, but at least i have tried none-the-less)

ENGLISH version
Well where to start on this which will be a big fucking rant ...
YEDL are the most useless suppliers/distributors of electricity supplier in the UK covering the Yorkshire region.
Being a Raynaud's sufferer (www.raynauds.org.uk/potioncms/viewer.asp)whose electricity supply powers her heating this came to head at 6pm today when I rang 0800 375 675 option 2 failed to (deliberately enter) phone number of my home to over-ride the standard automated voice message information to speak to an advisor regarding the loss of electricity since 230pm Friday 15th May 2009
This is part of the telephone conversation that followed between me and the female advisor:

Me: Hello there, yes you can help me you can advise when the power supply to my property will be restored, it has been off for the past two hours now and this has been ongoing since Friday afternoon and it’s becoming unacceptable.
Give my postcode twice
Advisor: Is that bla bla address
Me: yes
Advisor: what is your name?
Me: provide my name
Advisor: I can see that this is an ongoing flagged issue; an engineer called to the substation at approx. 5pm today and stated that the temporary measures were none conclusive and this would not help matters and that urgent repair work was to be carried out.
(No shit Sherlock – was my minds response)
The engineer said the relapse Trigger device fitted at the substation (apparently this is a fitted device that kicks in when the electricity supply has been tripped for a length of time to assist in the restoring of power supply).
The engineer has confirmed that the hole in the underground cable does need repairing to correct this issue and plans are being put together to carry this work out.
(Note how my initial question thus so far has not been answered ... when my supply will be restored)
Me: So you have dug up a hole in the road round the corner yesterday ...still no workers doing any repairs all day and we have no electricity supply. So when is the Electricity being switched back on?
Advisor: Time we have been given as an estimate for the power to be fully restored is 0130am Tuesday 19th May 2009
Me: Excuse me... So what about my freezer (£100 worth of food) content and my heating?
Advisor: until engineers (workers) have the plans from the depot no work can be carried out as the exact plans are needed to locate the cable in question.
Me: I’m sorry but this has been ongoing since 230pm Friday 15th and you have not repaired the issue. So now I’m facing having to make a claim on my insurance with Lloyds TSB which means paying out a £50 excess and having my premium increased just for loss of food. As a Raynauds sufferer heating is paramount to be health given that Raynaud’s is a circulatory problem and loss of circulation can result in severe pain and possible worse symptoms than I need. This is totally unacceptable.
Advisor: We didn’t know that about your condition but now we are we can offer you courtesy calls on updates on the situation, just check the previously left telephone number which is a mobile number 07****** is correct
Me: yes that’s correct as both house phones run and operate off electricity so mobile is only option of contact
Note how the advisor so far has not offered an apology on behalf of YEDL nor does YEDL cover loss of food contents in this situations even if had 4 days in which to carry out the ESSENTIAL repair work to the underground cable.
Why the hell should I pay out for a useless distributor of electricity supply?
I was promised intermittent call-backs on the situation – guess what I won’t hold my breath?

Clock is ticking..... Tick tick tock
Update: text message received @ 2010hours from CEElectric – Our engineers have carried out a temporary repair to restore supplies more quickly but further work is still required. We apologises for any inconvenience this loss of supply may have caused you. If you are still experiencing problems or have any queries please call us on 0800 375 675.
I then get a call-back from Yvonne @ 2037hours to say is the supply ok and to basically repeat the text message information I had been sent and that the supply may well go off again for a period of time due to the repair not being fixed yet!

POLISH version
Od czego zaczac to, co bedzie jednym wielkim jebanym narzekaniem YEDL to najbardziej bezuzyteczni i nieprofesjonalni dostawcy energii elektrycznej w Wielkiej Brytanii na obszarze Yorkshire
Cierpie z powodu choroby Raynaudsa(www.raynauds.org.uk/potioncms/viewer.asp), Probowalam dodzwonic sie do zakladu na numer 800 675 375 i dwukrotnie system automatycznej sekretarki skierowal mnie do rozmowy z doradca, dajacym mi falszywe i mylace informacje na temat utraty energii elektrycznej od godziny 14:30 w piatek 15 maja 2009

Jest to część Rozmowa telefoniczna, że między mnie i kobiet doradca:
Me: część, tak użytkownik może mi pomóc może poinformować podczas zasilania do mojego właściwości zostaną przywrócone, został on poza ostatnich dwóch godzin teraz i to zostało trwającej od piątek po południu, a jest coraz niedopuszczalne
Dwa razy dać moje kod pocztowy
Doradca: Czy to bla bla adres
Me: Tak
Doradca: Co to jest nazwa użytkownika?
Me: zapewniają moje nazwisko
Doradca: widać że to zagadnienie oflagowane trwającej; inżynier nazywane do podstacji na około 5 pm dziś i stwierdzono, że tymczasowe środki były Brak conclusive i nie pomogłoby sprawach i że pilne naprawy pracy było przeprowadzane.
(Nie gowna Sherlocka – był Moje odpowiedzi umysły)
Inżynier powiedział, urządzenia wyzwalacz relapse wyposażone w podstacji, (prawdopodobnie jest to urządzenie dopasowaniem, uruchamiane podczas przekroczył dostaw energii elektrycznej przez długi czas, aby pomóc w Przywracanie zasilania).
Inżynier potwierdziła, że otworu w podziemnym kabel jest potrzebna naprawa Aby rozwiązać ten problem i plany są są umieszczane razem do wykonywania tego utworu.
(Należy zauważyć, jak Moje początkowego pytanie więc tak daleko ma nie udzielono odpowiedzi... po mojej dostaw zostaną przywrócone)
Me: tak mają kopany górę otwór w drodze okrągłe rogu wczoraj.. .Still pracowników, nie wykonując żadnych napraw wszystkie dni i my mają nie dostaw energii elektrycznej. Tak kiedy są liczniki włączeniu ponownie?
Czas Doradca: mamy nadano szacowania dla być w pełni przywrócone zasilanie jest 0130 am wtorek 19 maja 2009 Me: Przepraszam... Więc co o mojej zawartości Zamrażarka (£ 100 warte żywności) i Moje ogrzewanie?
Doradca: momentu plany z Schowek przez inżynierów (pracowników) nie pracy może być przeprowadzone dokładne plany są potrzebne do zlokalizuj kabel w danym
Me: Przepraszam, ale to nie został w trwającej od 230 pm piątek XV i mają nie naprawić problem. Tak, teraz I jestem przeciwległych konieczności roszczenie na moje ubezpieczenia z TSB Lloyds, co oznacza, że wypłacenia: 50 funtów nadmiarowych i konieczności Moje premium wzrosła do utraty żywności. Raynauds paramount być zdrowie, biorąc pod uwagę, że oddychaniem problem Raynaud's i utraty obiegu może spowodować poważne ból i ewentualne symptomy gorsze niż I muszą jest sufferer, ogrzewanie. To jest całkowicie niedopuszczalne.
Doradca: we didnt wiem, o warunku, ale teraz jesteśmy możemy zaoferować można ani opcja wywołania na aktualizacje w sytuacji, wyboru tylko numer telefonu wcześniej lewej, czyli numer telefonu komórkowego 07 /Qn jest prawidłowa
Me: tak który jest poprawny, oba telefony dom uruchomione i działać energii elektrycznej tak przenośnego jest tylko opcja kontaktu
Należy zauważyć, jak advisor tak daleko ma nie oferowane apology w imieniu YEDL ani czy YEDL obejmuje utraty zawartości żywności w tej sytuacji nawet jeśli miał 4 dni, w którym chcesz przeprowadzić: ESSENTIAL naprawić pracy metra kabel.
Dlaczego hell powinien I Wypłata dla bezużyteczny dystrybutora dostaw energii elektrycznej?
I został obiecał sporadyczne wywołanie-wykonuje kopię na sytuację – odgadnąć, co I nie trzymaj Moje oddech?
Zegar jest checking..... Tock osi osi
Aktualizacja: wiadomości tekstowe @ 2010hours z CEElectric – Nasi inżynierowie mają przeprowadzone tymczasowe naprawy więcej szybko przywrócić dostaw, ale dalszej pracy jest nadal potrzebny. My apologises za wszelkie niedogodności ta strata dostaw mogło być przyczyną użytkownik. Jeśli nadal występują problemy lub mieć wszelkich kwerend proszę zadzwoń do nas na 0800 375 675.
MoŻna następnie get wywołanie kopii z Yvonne @ 2037hours powiedzieć jest dostawa ok i zasadniczo powtórzyć informacje wiadomości tekstowe miał został wysłany i że dostawy mogą dobrze szukać ponownie przez pewien czas ze względu na naprawy, nie są stałe jeszcze!


Best damn light show ever

Just felt the need to share this so those here can see this amazing work of art carried out at the Politechnika Wrocławska in Wrocław Poland
This beats the snakes game with lights in a student halls hands down (for those that dont know the snakes game is the Nokia one on the phones from back in day)
Anyway the one i am posting was carried out 48hours ago on the night of 12 May 2009 and watch out for retro games and michael jackson at 6mins in

truly creative and well nothing else could be said except please watch it ....

Here is 2008's Projekt from
Wrocław as well its in three parts but still amazing .... 



Sigur Ros ♥ Exclusive Footage

Sharing this with you all courtesy of the official Sigur Ros


the following from their album entitled "með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust" which means "With a Buzz in are Ears we play Endless" which really sums up all of Sigur Ros's material in my opinion.

For one week only exclusively 2 videos from this album are available online 
1. 35minutes long is "We play endless" which in Icelandic is "við spilum endalaust" 
2. 13minutes long recording of them @ Abbey Road in London playing "ára batur"

Hope you enjoy them ive embedded them direct from the website and both videos play automatically sorry so you will need to pause one - i know rainbowchazer will have a musical enjoyment from these :)

"We play endless" which in Icelandic is "við spilum endalaust" 

"ára batur" @ Abbey Road Studios London

the video clips have gone as were on a one week only viewing :(

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