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M.I.A indeed

It seems that i have neglected this blog since November 2009 and its now May 2010. Well i sincerely apologise to all i had intended to step away from the blog kind of thing to be honest but given i am considering creating a blog via wordpress for my ancestry genealogy finds of which have got interesting to say least i may have to post a link to that when i set it up over the summer.

So what have i been upto in the time i have been absence well in short studying at a local college an Access to HE diploma in the Business and IT pathway to prepare me for University in September 2010.

The Access course has been fine in part except for a few minor things that have either got under my skin or literally under my skin, this year the 2009/10 year is the first time the return of Pass, Merit and Distinction grades have been applied and the college i am at is still having teething problems with the whole system of this .... i havent had a single tutorial in all the time i have been at the college and i have had the following subjects to take:

Media - Modules taken: Development, Genre and Ideology, Representations in the Media and Media Industry

IT - Modules taken: Advanced uses of Spreadsheets (dont even GO THERE, spreadsheets i hate with an unpresidented passion) and Advanced uses of Databases

Business - Organisations and Marketing with a presentation done in Marketing which i personally kicked arse in by presenting two cars for a "Vauxhall Dealership scenerio"

as well as Open Forum which is basically an hour and half sessions each week with a variety of topics to write in 240 words only a report on and take notes on, topics covered were Feminism, Globalisation, The Prison System, Harold Pinter, The Just War Theory (with a rather young and cute Oxford historian as the speaker), Hidden Persuaders, Charles Darwin and Evolution, Manufacturing, Racism & Extermism (video was about the Romanies living in Czech Republic), Summerhill Schools v's Normal Schools and a few more that i cant for life of me remember titles of ......

Study Skills learning about how to write essays, work as a team, do a *supposed group, but turned into a single handed one but allowing a mate to join so they get the credits as original group presentation on infections in hospitals turned into not done and a farce* presentation on Poland which i was really pleased about except my audio of the alphabet didnt work :( and a long study dissertation style piece of work of 3000words on "People have been segregrated and labelled since the implementation of the Criminal Justice's Act 1994"

On top of that 8 exams with 4 coming up between 19th and 21st May ...... then a three month break from studying but hopefully in employment to gain some funds for University can commence if i find something out there even if its warehouse work.

at the end of it i should have a Diploma in HE Business and IT she says ........

Some of you that may follow me on Twitter or on Facebook will know that i am going University i already have a place and have booked my accommadation and yes call me mad i am going into Halls of Residence at my age that is more daunting than moving abroad saying that i am not that old really only 31 but still daunting none the less .. is it the right thing to do when you've lived on your own primarily for so long is it a bad thing that you wont like the people, place or your own space though in essence you get this in your own room ........

Genealogy update will follow ...............





Firework Display in Leeds 2009

Here is a link to my account on Flickr latest uploads are photos taken of the fireworks at Woodhouse Moor in Leeds last night i went along to im no means professional or the like and the pictures were taken on a Canon a480 powershot camera feel free to comment on them if you wish to :)

the link -

The complete Heima concert movie available to watch for free on Pitchfork - one week only! (More info on Heima: http://www.sigur-ros.co.uk/band/disco/heima.php)

I fully recommend to all to watch this wonderful masterpiece to which i own on DVD :)
2nd recipe from the delightful Jonsi and Alex

Raw Strawberry Pie --- OH YUMMY indeed :)

Recipe details can be found here >>>>


"Ready for This" - Tim Minchin Tour 2009

Date - Saturday 17th October 2009

Time - 1930hours

Location - Sheffield Venue - City Hall - Irwin Mitchell Oval Hall

Arrived into Sheffield WAY WAY early lol around 3pm early doors to venue though open for ticket collection werent opening for the event till 7pm so classic "schoolboy error" if ever could be said as got to kill three and half hours in Sheffield wandering around which isnt easy when you are on limited fundings but none-the-less i wasnt missing this performance regardless of anything .. given that the week had turned even shittier due to my Maternal Grandfather dying suddenly on Wednesday from an anuerism apparently from initial Post Mortem findngs

So to Sheffield i have come for some Tim Minchin goodness and happiness :)

Weather is cool and overcast and will get colder as the minutes and hours tick by im outside the venue on the steps just watching the people go about their daily travels - I should have sat near the stage door would have been a good idea perhaps to catch a glimpse of Tim prior to the show, i'll stretch my legs shortly i think cant even pick up a decent WIFI signal from outside the venue which is FREE by way.
I'll try to document the show from memory best i can really ... security now present and going round the venue perimeter.

This may turn into a coldness arse numbing sit down ever and longest - but whats a girl to do! :(

I do suppose this puts me in good stead when i head to Birmingham to see Derren Brown on his Enigma Tour next year attending events on my own rather than in the company of someone.  I do wonder how many people are waiting by the stage door actually i guess after the performance people will be there  but given my last train is at 2234hours i cant take that chance just to meet him in person and the prospect of walking from Sheffield to Leeds at that time of night (or anytime of day) doesnt really enlighten me in the slightest.
So if i just by chance get to catch a glimpse of the Lyrical genius piano player australian who sorry Australia you arent having back but you can gladly have "Neighbours" and "Home and Away" back quite gladly.
If i did get him to sign anything i would get him to sign my top "We are all just fucking monkeys in shoes" and sign it haha its unique at least and i would be only one walking round with that on a top!

My arse is now officially numb and its only 1630hours LOL
Im going to go for a wander ....... OH GREAT ... just missed Tim arriving at the venue by mere minutes .. there was my only one chance to meet him say hello and grab a photo and get my top signed :( :(
Just my luck

Still i stay near stage door and chat to two girls from Bradford called Fiona and Jess who are total die hard Tim fans who met him in Bradford and have turned up in a hope to secure tickets to tonights SOLD OUT show at the venue. Though Tim doesnt come back out before the show i secure his autograph (so thats better than nothing) though he could have been witty with the question on the card (it was the only thing in my bag other than my iPod Touch) for him to sign - so i am happy with this and maybe another time i will get chance to meet him in person :) his manager John thank you kindly for doing that for me in getting him to scribble on the card :)

My autograph from Tim Minchin

Ok can wait inside the main entrance of the venue now oh the FREE WIFI access is now working you LITERALLY have to be inside the venue entrance to get this. I can hear him doing soundcheck heard him doing "If i cant have you" -- one of my favourite songs by him really sweet and what you would think about someone that you are in a long term relationship with :)

Doors open for the bars at about 1845hours ... the Irwin Mitchell Oval Hall doors open at 7pm as still doing checks ....

Find my seat good position as you can see from this (only picture i could take as none were allowed to be taken)

Where i was sat for Tim's Show

The following is now all from memory:

Lights Dim ....It is now total darkness Tim's voice starts with Errmmm Ahem ok thats a kick drum .... high hat ... snare ... bass ... geeee-guitar try some distortion - argh better ... some lady vocals arrrrrrrrrrr ... WHO NEEDS A BAND! show starts

(see end of blog for songs played)
The material is generally same as prior heard on "Ready for This" had for months but obviously a few changes here and there .... Derren Brown gets a mention in a nice way from Tim ... he balances a mic on the bottom of the mic stand and goes "Look Im Derren Brown" to which he then fires back "No im not really though he is handsome he could do with winning the lottery and fucking off" LOL bless .. then Tim followed that through with "But that would be selfish" he then twirls the mic stand around in a reference to the Sheffield EYE thing just outside the venue (see told you)

Sheffield Eye Sheffield Eye @ Night

Then he glides the stand like he is pole dancing along his body and between his legs he is soooooo comical it is such a marvel to witness his genuine talent up close for the first time ever.
He then makes a reference to Peado's with an Ice Cream jingle and why would you as a parent send your child/ren towards such a sound that sounds like a call of a child fiddler. I'll try and find the tune somehow and incorporate in this blog so you understand. He then apologises that he has made the suggestion that all those that own Ice Cream vans are child fiddlers when it should be other way round .. had to be there to fully understand the context of this joke i guess!

Here is the ice cream jingle - www.freesound.org/samplesViewSingle.php (almost sure this is the one)

He links into songs he is playing with wit and rapport and comments am i Jimmy Carr now at one point lmao (Jimmy Carr was playing at the venue the week previously)  .... he takes a dig at a "posh" girl called Claire who happened to arrive with her "emo" boyfriend LATE due to traffic she responsed and Tim went Traffic are you old enough to drive what are you 15 and pointed out they even have clocks built in and that you would have bought your ticket 6months ago you could have started traveling then LMAO she pointed out she was 17 Tim kept throughout the show taking a swipe all in humour ... he then said what you going in your bag for Claire lost your phone, your spangly bracelet what you left it in "your" drivers car.
Second Half of the show starts with Tim asking a member of the audience at the front to come on stage reculantant at first a male gets up he is Scott 30yr old Primary School Teacher ... Tim gets him to put on a bear costume stating zip to the front otherwise tail will look like a ball sack on you ... Scott still trying to get into the bear outfit when Tim goes you're making a meal out of this arent you ... Song kicks in after Tim instructs Scott what to do Song is "Bears Dont Dig on Dancing" ..... more one liners follow between songs and the wit
Darkside saw loads of smoke from the machine making Tim disappear from view lol and then going cough ahem cough and making out the smoke was killing him LMAO during the playing of this song Tim played the Ice Cream Jingle from earlier and WINKED HAHAHA so funny it was one of them moments you had to visually see (but a definite missed KODAK opportunity) he ended with some audience members shouting a few things out Tim stating City Hall was largest gig played and it was a weird arse venue curved shaped .... He had already earlier in the evening pointed out to those in the balcony levels that it looked like they were sat in an English Boat due to this curved effect.
He ended with the lovely beautiful song "White Wine in the Sun" moves me to tears the lyrics so poetically written and meaningful :)

I wouldnt have missed this for anything really and glad i didnt .. Look forward to seeing Tim LIVE again in the future.

Songs played:

Ready for This

Prejudice - with orange lightening to add effect to the song Loved it haha

I l♥ve Jesus - which he gets the audience to sing a long with though the i hate faggots line (no offense is intended and those that take offense really dont understand Tim's work and humour, plus many of you know i am not Homophobic in any way shape or form and havent been since i was 14 years old) made many many people fall silent in the singing and the gestures Tim does like giving a Blow Job or being fucked in the arse just add to the humour

Good Book

If I didnt have you - my favourite song - was also written for his wife Sarah

Confessions - in three movements (Feminism, Poverty (alteruism) and Environment and is basically about his love of Boobs

Canvas Bags

First half of show over - The Interval Song is played

Bears dont dig on Dancing

This is a song for Phil Daoust - a song to a humourless reviewer of the Guardian newspaper (occassional) from a review he wrote on Tim 3 years ago

Cant remember the song played at this point :(

one that follows is - Tim's fantastic 9min beat poem entitled "Storm" (its on youtube)


Followed by show finale "White Wine in the Sun"

Please excuse any spelling errors with some words

Oh this just made my day the lovely delightfully dashing delicious DERREN BROWN (try saying whilst drunk) Stewie Griffin impression you just gotta love Stewie Griffin but love Derren as well

KUDOS a plenty ---- Enjoy it people

Control the Nation .... !

I shall be partaking in this little experiment if you will on Friday night (18th September 2009 - Ch4 9pm i believe it is on) ... and cant wait to see Derren in Flesh next year on the Enigma Tour 2010 :)
I think what he can do is truly a work of art and showmanship coupled together with a hint of Psychological intrigue
:) If you agree or disagree please feel free to comment about it

want to know more see here ...
derrenbrown.co.uk/blog/ (a rather interesting read and insight to be honest) &  derrenbrown.channel4.com/

Okay so i havent practised in quite esp with my Polish a while but my attempts arent too bad considering ... Polish i have decided i will pay a tidy sum to LMU up the road for the benefit of 26 weeks of learning (this might i add is alongside doing my Access to HE Humantites course and working part-time) but i decided i would crack on with using a site called www.livemocha.com which i have been using since April this year on and off and was recommended by a friend of mine heidifj

I hadnt realised livemocha had rolled out the speaking and written exercises of units i had completed in Polish so i have been setting out to re do these exercises again, plus the same with the other two languages i am concentrating on out the ones i wish to learning notably Dutch and Estonian especially given that i havent really actually concentrated on speaking the languages fully, although i knew how to say most words in Polish i never really had any confidence to hold a full conversation let alone speak anything without fear of thinking im saying it all wrong i guess thats why livemocha is a good site no one seems to pick faults just offers some good advice and pointers along the way to you to assist your learning.

some links to my speaking if anyone here on LJ wishes to comment or/and offer some valuable advice seeing how im largely doing this by myself at the minute

Polish speaking exercises - both are for describing people



Estonian speaking exercises



Dutch speaking exercise


Other languages i am interested in learning are Icelandic, German, Czech, Russian at some later stage when i have mastered these three i am concentrating on at present :)

I am still working on my written aspect in all these languages i am learning (Polish, Estonian and Dutch) so i can improve overall :)

like with everything its a work in progress kinda of thing ... hope no one minds that i share i know i am not a brilliant blogger or anything i just add things here and there in a hope that maybe someone out there reads and benefits even if its me lol

We are Golden - Mika (new video/single)


From new album due out September 2009

We are not what you think we are  ...... !

A video directed by the Late Heath Ledger

Quite deep and meaningful ...... ! 

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